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PanCanvas 2 Demo, Support, and Help

• PanCanvas 2 Free Demo and PanCanvas 2 Docs...

This demo version of PanCanvas 2 is fully functional except it will not create a final animation.
Step 1) Download PanCanvas 2 demo by clicking here (.LHA, 80 KB)

Step 2) Download PanCanvas 2 documentation: text-only format (.TXT, 21 KB) or rich text format (.RTF, 1.4 MB)
Step 3) PanCanvas requires ImageFX 2.6, 3.3, or 4.1a. If you need to apply a patch to upgrade your copy of ImageFX, read the ImageFX Patches section below.
Step 4) Install the PanCanvas 2 demo according to the instructions in the documentation. It's easy, we promise.

• ImageFX Patches...

PanCanvas 2 requires ImageFX version 2.6, 3.3, or 4.1a. If you have a different version of ImageFX, you need to install an upgrade patch.

ImageFX 2.X and 3.X users: Download the patch and its instructions for ImageFX 2.6 or 3.3 from Nova Design, at ftp://ftp.novadesign.com/imagefx/Official_Upgrades/. Contact Nova Design at www.novadesign.com if you have problems.

ImageFX 4.X users: Download this upgrade to version 4.1a (LHA, 362 KB). Simply dearchive the file to RAM: or another convenient location. The uncompressed file is simply called "ImageFX". Copy this file into your ImageFX directory over the old version. If you do not have a way to dearchive files, you can get the LHA archiving utility from Aminet at http://ftp.wustl.edu/~aminet/, or contact your Amiga dealer. Contact Nova Design at www.novadesign.com if you have problems.

• PanCanvas 2 Help...

(Also see the PanCanvas FAQ on the PanCanvas page.)

Problem: I understand that I need to upgrade ImageFX to version 2.6, 3.3, or 4.1a in order to use PanCanvas 2 (or its demo). How do I get the appropriate ImageFX patch?

Solution: See the ImageFX Patches section above. If you use multiple versions of ImageFX on the same computer, see the installation "note" on page 2 of the PanCanvas instructions.

Problem: The PanCanvas 2 installer tells me that "Install could not locate ImageFX".

Solution: You have most likely changed one of the standard ImageFX assignments: IMAGEFX:, IMAGEFX3:, or IMAGEFX4:. You must restore the standard ImageFX assignments before you run the PanCanvas installer.

Problem: During installation, I get a requester asking me to insert volume IMAGEFX: [and/or IMAGEFX3:].

Solution: You most likely have a system patch installed on your Amiga that traps unknown assigns. Just click on the CANCEL gadget in those requesters and the installer should work its way to the version of ImageFX that you are using.

Problem: I have a PanCanvas 2 demo from my Catalyzer Vol. 3 floppy, but it does not install correctly.

Solution: A few of these demos were shipped with a faulty installer. Just download the good version of the demo from the top of this page. Remember, you have to use ImageFX version 2.6, 3.3, or 4.1a with PanCanvas (see ImageFX patches, above).

Problem: Can you give me a quick summary of how to use PanCanvas 2?

Solution: Here are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. Load a picture.
  2. Run PanCanvas 2 and set your output format options.
  3. Drag the "start" and "end" windows to where you'd like the camera to "shoot".
  4. Enter how many frames you'd like the sequence to be.
  5. Choose a save format and save location.

There are many more options to control the look of your sequence - read the easy to understand docs. You can save the results in a number of animation formats, single frames, or FlyerClips or Jstreams.

Problem: I don't know if my Amiga meets the minimum requirements of PanCanvas 2.

Solution: You need to be using ImageFX 2.6, 3.3, or 4.1a. See the ImageFX Patches section above. While using an ImageFX compatible graphics card will give you responsive previews and quick screen refreshes, you're not left in the cold if you are using an AGA or ECS Amiga - PanCanvas can run on screen resolutions of at least 640 X 400 down to 16 colors.

PanCanvas 2 works best with 2 MB of Chip RAM (or at least a 2 MB video card), and at least 16 MB of fast RAM. As for Amiga clones, if the machine can run ImageFX on a graphics card, it will run PanCanvas 2.

Problem: I want to create an animation by panning around a video freeze frame. PanCanvas tells me my output size is to small. OR: When I try it, the animation turns out all grainy.

Solution: The problem with trying to create an animation from a video freeze frame is this: when you try to zoom in on the image in order to "pan around" it, you will get too close to the pixels - making the animation look pixellated and grainy. (That's just the nature of video!) You are better off using a larger scanned picture for your source image. However...

It is possible to use a video freeze frame by using the following trick: With ImageFX, first enlarge and then blur the freeze frame. Then experiment with "sharpen" tools to get the computer to add detail back into the picture. Now that you have a larger version of your freeze frame which has been "smoothed out," use PanCanvas on it. You won't get the bad pixellation that you would if you did not use this trick. Remember, though, that you will enjoy better results from starting with a large clear picture.

Problem: I cannot move the marquees on the PanCanvas interface.

Solution: Once you have selected Spline mode, you cannot move the marquees - switch back to Linear mode to make position changes, then return to Spline mode before you render the animation.

Problem: I would like an easy tutorial for learning to use PanCanvas 2.

Solution : Legacy Maker's Catalyzer Vol. 3 Tutorial Video features a whole section on using PanCanvas 2. You'll learn the ins and outs of the program from Bohus Blahut - an expert user of Pan Canvas.

Still having trouble with PanCanvas?

If you've read the PanCanvas documentation and can't find the solution to your problem above, email us! info@LegacyMakerinc.com


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